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Renasissance Stained Glass
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About our Courses

Our short courses have been designed to introduce the basic level skills of our craft (Stained Glass Fundamentals), give you the opportunity to refine these skills whilst completing worthy projects of your own (Refine your Technique), introduce some of the higher level specialized skills to those serious about continuing for personal or professional reasons (Master Classes- Design, Painting, Repair & Restoration) and provide specialized training for professionals such as glaziers to improve or refine their treatment of stained glass (Professional Series – Design, Repair & Restoration).

We are very committed to the pursuance of excellence in our craft who’s legacy is over a thousand years old. Despite an enduring love of stained glass every few hundred years trends in design, thoughts or economics threaten this legacy. Currently there are only two courses running in Australia that can be called “professional” stained glass qualifications. Traditionally this is a trade or craft which took 7 plus years to attain before you became a journeyman refining your skills until you undertook your first major commission independently and became a Master craftsman. In most parts of the world it remains a craft, on the fringe of art and straddling many aspects of a trade. It is separate from general glazing. In fact, glaziers trained in NSW cover little more in their professional course than you would cover in “Stained Glass Fundamentals”.

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