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Prior to the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany lead had been purely functional in stained glass windows and it was in his studio that the lead itself began being used as an integral component of the design. This technique lent beautifully to Art Deco (Frank Lloyd Wright panel 1045mm x 560mm costs $2460) design and leadlights are a central feature of most homes built in the early part of the twentieth century.

The Californian bungalow (image shown 1045mm x 225mm cost $1100 a pair) exemplifies a rare moment in Stained Glass design; it has it's origins in Deco but it is a very specific style unique to stained glass rather than evolving into stained glass from other artistic movements. It would be a rare occurance for a Californian bungalow not to have had stained glass at the time of building as it was an integral element of this architectural genre. This is the quintisential leadlight of the 20's: usually utilising a range of heavily textured clear glass in geometric designs accented with opaque glasses often in a baby blue.

These fundamentally geometric designs require clarity (and where relevant historical accuracy) in design and exemplary craftsmanship at each stage of manufacture to maintain the lines so critical to the aethetic effect of Deco or Californian pieces.