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Glossary of Terms


Bead: A form of installation. Pieces of timber securing the glazed section of a window.

Leadlight: A Leadlight is the product of leadlighting. Leadlighting is a technique for creating decorative windows by holding small pieces of glass together. It does not by definition imply a lack of colour.

Panel: A panel is the term used to refer to a complete leadlight (or stained glass piece - see below). It is everything within the perimeter leads. Imagine a regular window, the panel is everything that sits where you would usually find a sheet of glass.


  1. Might refer to a panel in the context "the artist was working on the piece for the Prime Ministers residence".
  2. An individual piece of glass as in "there was one piece of glass broken in the panel". An odd term to add but it helps us all to speak the same language in discussion. When you talk about a piece of glass in stained glass or leadlight terms it refers to the shaped pieces held together by lead - not to be confused with "panel".

Putty: A form of installation. Glazing putty is used to secure the glazed section of the window.

Sash: The wooden frame around the glazed area.

Sill: the piece of wood that runs across the underside of the window.

Stained Glass: Stained Glass can be used to define either glass that has been coloured (stained) in its manufacturing process or more commonly refers to glass which has been painted on (also a form of staining) and formed into a window using leadlighting techniques. All Stained Glass panels are also by default leadlight panels.

Temp. Glaze (tempoaray glazing): tempoarary glazing involves expert removal of your old panel, glazing the window for the duration that your panel is being worked on and also includes the cost of re-installing your panel once it has been repaired/ restored. This includes two trips to site and two installations. We include the glass used for your temporary glaze free of cost. - If you are comparing this cost with recent glazing works it is equivalent to doing a standard piece of glazing twice & is quite different regarding the level of care and expertise required.

Window: A window is a joinery or building term for the whole installation. If you imagine a hole in a wall -everything from the sill, the sash to the glass itself is a window.

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