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phrases for happy day

Posted: Thu, 24 Nov 2016 11:34:04

Breath phrases for a musician. Happy dayCongratulations, you’re a great musician. I hope you enjoy this special day and you continue to grow musically always striving for excellence.
I’m glad you’re the musician who strives and is brave, it is not satisfied with what you know but seeks the way to be getting better in your musical gift.  
Happy Day , God bless your handswith more agility, bless your mind with intelligence and knowledge, I desire to bless you with good opportunities to develop your music and learn every day. Musician Happy Day.

On this day of ThanksgivingI want to express my gratitude because it forms part of peopleI want and with youI thank God for giving us life, blessingand the strength to fight, to continue to fulfill dreams and success. Happy Thanks giving Day.——————–

One day Thanksgivingit is a special occasion to recognizeeverything God does for us,Bless us, cares for us, protects usand always with us. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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