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Repairs and Restoration


On-site is the cheapest, quickest type of repair for a couple of pieces of broken glass. As the name implies it is a repair done on site and takes about 45 min. Glass matching (and establishing that an OSR can be done) is done either by sending us good digital images or an initial trip to site. We can offer better rates if only one trip to site is necessary.

We stress they are not an invisible repair and not really the best type of repair. Whilst many people would never notice, to the professional or discerning eye it is certainly evident when a panel has been repaired this way. This amends broken glass only and does nothing else for the panel.

The lead needs to be in good condition to do this type of repair.

Cost: You can now get clear glass repairs for as little as $55. See our Services & pricing schedule for details.


Studio repairs are the best option for most panels. They are actually cheaper than an OSR in themselves but become more expensive by the virtue of requiring temp glazing.

Your panel is removed and the window temporarily glazed (see below), the panel is then returned to the studio and repaired. Broken glass is addressed, affected areas re-sealed and the panel is polished. You also have the option to have the entire panel re-sealed while it's out.

Over time the lead and sealants deteriorate. Medieval panels seen in Europe have been restored several times over the centuries to replace lead and sealant. By re-polishing your panel you are giving the lead a little more life. Re-sealing helps to strengthen the panel and address leaking.

There are a number of options for studio repair and we are happy for you to make decisions about which services you use. For example, you could save the temporary glazing cost by arranging to bring the panels in to our studio yourself. If you need repairs turned around the same day for this to be viable you will need to book in advance.

Cost: Services & pricing schedule.


Restoration is the complete stripping of your panel, all the glass is cleaned by hand (to protect your glass and our artisans) and then your panel is re-built with new lead, sealant and polish. Because you effectively have a brand new old panel we can GUARANTEE OUR WORKMANSHIP FOR LIFE.

Cost: Prices are based on size & complexity.
Send us an e-mail with some good digital images for a quote.


(Temp. Glazing)

This is the process of removing your panel and installing a piece of glass consistent with current building standards. Your home/ building will be secure and does not attract the "attention" of 'boarding up'.

Cost of re-installation is included in the temp. glaze cost.

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